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Forest Lake Binan Wins as first

Best Maintained Park of the year 2018
Grow With Us! Forest Lake is launching eight new parks: Sal Leonardo, Malasiqui, Floridablanca, Bayambang, Bacolod2, Bago, Lligan and General Santos 2
Congratulations to the first batch of graduates of Forest Lake’s CSR program, the Good Grief Workshop Series!
Meet your Forest Lake Leaders


Antonio V. Syyap


Congratulations to our ever dedicated, resilient and brilliant sales force for working together to achieve our P2 Billion target in 2018! We are very much excited to kick off 2019 with our expansion program, as we increase the size of our operational sites to at least 15 hectares per park. This project entails aggressive investment in terms of land acquisition and development. This will definitely provide our sales force with enough inventory, while our market will likewise be provided with enough memorial lots to fulfill their needs in the towns and cities where we are present.

Expect 2019 to be another exciting year of growth as we look forward to the opening of eight new memorial parks in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, specifically in San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija; Malasiqui, Pangasinan; Floridablanca, Pampanga; Bayambang, Pangasinan; Bacolod 2; Bago, Negros Occidental; Iligan, and General Santos 2. Through our brisk and steady growth, we continue to cover all the major municipalities and cities in the Philippines, realizing our “Libing Anywhere” concept nationwide. With these new parks, we hope to continuously offer “A Better Place” to as many Filipinos as possible.

Forest Lake’s Memorial Chapels business is also poised for growth. An expansion in its first memorial chapels in Forest Lake Biñan, Laguna is already underway with the construction of its upcoming Deluxe Chapels. At least five new memorial chapels are planned for launch in the coming years and ultimately, one or more chapels will be developed in all parks across the country.

We are certainly hitting the ground running this year as we gear up for these expansions and the launch of new memorial parks while continuing to deliver our promise to our clients to be “A Better Place.” Here’s to another milestone year ahead!

Alfred Xerez-Burgos Jr.


Abig congratulations to the winners of the first Best Maintained Parks Awards! We are very proud to recognize the top three awardees: Forest Lake Urdaneta as 2nd runner-up, Forest Lake Davao as 1st runner-up and Forest Lake Biñan as the overall winner. Through this endeavor, we aim to create a spirit of healthy competition among all parks across each region in order for us to consistently deliver an experience of “A Better Place.” Furthermore, the Best Maintained Parks Awards gives due recognition to the teams behind the top maintained parks’ efforts towards outstanding maintenance and upkeep. We thank our winners—our park managers whom we consider as our partners, for being shining examples and for setting the highest standards of park management.

Alongside the Best Maintained Parks Awards is “The Face of a Better Place,” a program which is divided into three parts:

A Better Park, with the objectives of maintaining visually appealing and relaxing parks to offer a warm welcome to clients

A Better Service, which aims to provide clients a meaningful and intimate interment experience during their time of grief

A Better Workplace, to create a positive work environment through efficient systems and an effective organization resulting in the best possible customer experience

The “Face of a Better Place” was launched in October 2018 and we plan to fully implement the program within the year. Through the Operations Department’s endeavor, we are able to breathe life into our brand promise “A Better Place” as we continue our frontline interaction with clients. The objective of the program is to make every Forest Lake memorial park not just the preferred option for investment, but to be the most meaningful sign of love and affection as well—the final resting place our clients’ loved ones deserve and that they can be proud of. This is truly the heart and soul of Forest Lake’s service to our fellow Filipinos.



Forest Lake’s brand promise “A Better Place” is a tall order most specially as the company continues to aggressively grow and expand with the opening of more parks each year, and while doing so, ensuring that each and every park lives up to what that promise means. It was an exciting 2018 with the very first Best Maintained Parks Awards, a program that spurs all park team members to put into practice what the brand stands for. A total of 15 parks participated in the endeavor nationwide, sparking some healthy competition across three regions. Each park was evaluated based on maintenance and upkeep of their park’s facade (gate, guardhouse, park signage), restrooms, amenities (gazebo, multipurpose hall, etc.), road networks and ground maintenance (markers, grass, landscape). After months of evaluation, the top three winners were identified and awarded during the highly anticipated awarding ceremony during Forest Lake’s Christmas Party. It was very much a pleasant surprise for the winners who were not informed about their victory until the awarding ceremony itself. A well-deserved congratulations goes out to the three winners: Forest Lake Urdaneta as 2nd runner-up, Forest Lake Davao as 1st runner-up and Forest Lake Biñan as the 2018 winner.

Arvin Patacsil, Park Manager of 2nd runner-up Forest Lake Urdaneta shares his insights on both the challenges and the victory, “It was challenging to receive negative comments about our park initially. But I just accepted the comments and used them as motivation for us to be better. We took the criticisms, made the adjustments and though difficult.

we remained consistent to maintain these adjustments. “A Better Place” is a principle for every Forest Lake employee that we can go back to in order to maintain a high level of professional motivation. I believe continuing this program is a win-win activity for the company, the employees, our sellers and our clients.”

Forest Lake Davao Park Manager Maharanee Salillas has this to say about their 1st runner-up win, “This was a group effort among maintenance, interment and even our security guards who all helped in their little way. The theme of the park during the competition was “Go Clean and Green.” Honestly, the most challenging moment was seeing the announcement that the competition is pushing through and judges will be coming to the sites for inspections. I just calmed myself, took a deep breath and started meeting with my interment crew and Farmaster supervisor on how to achieve our goal to be the winner. I am thankful because God honored our desire and blessed our efforts. As a winner there is now pressure to maintain this status, but we will continue to improve our parks not only for Forest Lake but most of all for all of our clients. For those who didn’t win, I know you can make it too. Let’s join the race of winners and have fun! This is a worthwhile endeavor that will showcase the beauty and uniqueness of each park.”

Ann Hebron, Park Manager for top winner Forest Lake Biñan said her first reaction when learning about the competition was excitement! She shares, “I was excited! My first thought was, I want to win! Although there were many challenges, I didn’t view these as difficulties, I didn’t think it was difficult because this is part of my job, and I made sure I did my job well. I made time to check the park everyday and call the attention of the leadman if I see any concerns. My way of delivering our promise of “A Better Place” is by providing a clean, safe and peaceful park that creates a feeling of relaxation rather than grief. I think continuing this competition is worthwhile because it creates motivation. The next round will be more challenging and it will be a stiff competition. For those aspiring to win, continue doing your best and eventually you will reap the rewards.”

What are your comments about the first ever Best Maintained Parks Awards? We would love to hear from you! Email us your comments at [email protected] Share your thoughts with us and we may just publish your comments in our next issue!


As Forest Lake continues to establish its digital presence, the Corporate Communications Team together with Director Fifth Solomon have produced a sequence of videos depicting “A Better Place.” The series began with the first video released in October of last year

named “Kalbo” a touching story about a young woman’s mother succumbing to her battle with cancer, followed by “Merry Christmas Papa” a heart-warming narration about a little girl coming to terms with the untimely passing of her father

and “Forever” a Valentine’s Day rendition of one husband’s undying love, played by Filipino cinema icons and multi-awarded artists, Eddie Garcia and Boots Anson Roa Rodrigo. The series of online stories pulled at our heart strings while depicting “A Better Place.” Stay tuned to your social media channels as more videos are already in the works for release this 2019. Watch the videos again by liking and following our Facebook Page and Instagram account, using the handle ForestLakeMemorialParks. All the videos are also featured in

A workshop series with Forest Lake’s Management Committee facilitated by Corporate Communications kicks off the Live The Brand Program. During the three-day intensive workshop Forest Lake’s vision and mission were revisited and rewritten. The company’s brand attributes were then fused with the corporate values. This is just the first step in the Live The Brand Program which aims to instill in each and everyone what the brand stands for. Watch out for more that Corporate Communications has in store during the roll out of “Live The Brand” coming soon!


We the Forest Lake Corporate Communications Team would love to hear from you! Drop us a note with your comments, suggestions and feedback at [email protected] Chosen comments will be published in our next issue of Inspire – watch out for that!

Living the brand means embodying “A Better Place”


To build a better place where generations of family memories are treasured, immortalized and celebrated by the living.


To offer accessible and affordable memorial parks and services managed by a professional team dedicated to provide value, innovation and personalized service.


  • Personalized Service
  • Teamwork
  • Value Creation
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Professionalism


18 of Forest Lake’s Sales Directors who delivered their
annual target and contributed to last year’s P2B sales production
packed their bags for a three-night, four-day trip to Taiwan!
Highlights of the trip that took place from February 1st to 4th
2019 were a tour in Pingxi Shifen, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial in
Taipei and the Sky Lantern Experience in Pingxi.

Day 1: We were told that Taiwan’s weather will be cold at 18-20 degrees so we all brought our jackets, sweat shirts and other gear to keep us warm, expecting Baguio-like weather during summer. But Taiwan greeted us with an even colder weather, which thrilled most of us. The trip to the Shifin waterfalls was an adventure, going down a winding path in chilling air. But the highlight of the day was the trip to the Shifen old street where we had our Sky Lantern experience, with our hopes and wishes for the year! (P2.3B!!!)

Day 2: The weather was a lot friendlier, making our trip to Chiang Kai-Shek Palace and the temples perfect! The sun made our groupfies and selfies radiant with the temples and beautiful landscapes as backgrounds. Thanks to our ever-ready and gracious tour guide, Gordon who captured these memories for us! The high-speed elevator ride in Taipei 101 was an experience at 1010m/min, as we reached the 89th floor in a matter of seconds. Taipei 101 Observatory is definitely the most ideal spot to see the entire Taipei City. And what a better way to cap our day, shopping and food-tripping at the Shilin Night market!

Day 3: Free day to shop and see more sights! Most of us walked around the streets near our hotel and discovered quaint stores, tea shops, flea markets all preparing for the Chinese New Year celebration! We got ourselves souvenir shirts, charmed bracelets, local cookies, candies, chocolates and delicacies. Plus more trinkets and souvenir items for friends and loved ones back home. There is so much to discover in Taiwan and it was such a thrill to be in the company of SDs who unabashedly displayed their child-like behavior enjoying each moment and treasuring new experiences and adventures!!!

During the corporate toast on January 25, 2019, Forest Lake’s president Alfred Xerez-Burgos, Jr. acknowledges last year’s milestones and achievements while jumpstarting the year ahead by sharing with managers the exciting developments to expect in 2019. This tradition began in 2005 when then Forest Lake Memorial Parks spun off from Landco Pacific Corporation as a separate company under its new name Forest Lake Development, Inc. The annual event also celebrates the establishment known today as Forest Lake’s Head Office.

“Forest Lake’s design philosophy can be described as organic, ever changing to suit the needs of our clients in terms of maintenance, functionality and of course, beauty,” says Architect Joshua Lopez. When asked why Mediterranean architecture will be used for all new upcoming parks, the architect says this is because it is classic and evokes serenity and calmness, while enhancing the parks’ natural beauty, views and landscapes. He adds, “Mediterranean architecture is derived from classical Roman architecture offering a certain allure like timeless pieces of art. We look forward to implementing this concept to all our future parks.”


How to make grief your friend is probably one of the most difficult undertakings for someone who has lost a loved one. This is just what the first graduates of the Good Grief Workshop Series had to learn and are still learning. In partnership with Grief Coach Cathy Babao, Good Grief is a series of workshops offered by Forest Lake to provide a support system for those suffering from loss. A total of four twohour workshops were conducted in Forest Lake Chapels Biñan consisting of 10 modules, taking participants on a journey beginning with learning how to befriend grief and ultimately leading to transformation and reconciliation. Forest Lake intends to continue the program in 2019 with plans to expand the workshops nationwide.


Forest Lake & Blood Runner Multisport partner for Hero Run

The winners of the Hero Run were:

Male Category

First Place –
Andrei Alarcon
– 15 yrs. old
Second Place –
Reigneil Lutrina
– 10 yrs. old
Third Place –
Jose Ma. Apolinario
– 49 yrs. old

Female Category

First Place –
Brizeth M. Deriquito
– 16 yrs. old
Second Place –
Lorie Joy Levosada
– 30 yrs. Old
Third Place –
Sally Caunga
– 26 yrs. Old

The youngest and oldest runners, five and 71 years old respectively, were recognized as winners too.

Directors & Management Committee

Branch Head & Support Teams

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